Ashbee Bridgeforth

A licensed massage therapist with more than a decade of experience helping others become more aware of the mind-body connection, Ashbee combines a nurturing approach with aromatherapy, relaxation and intuitive massage to create a personalized experience for her clients in the office or in the comfort of their own homes.

Ashbee often works with individuals who feel like there is never enough time for self-care, a block she understands. “So many people feel guilty when they do something for themselves,” she says. “I’m passionate about sharing tools that help others overcome the strongholds that keep them from loving themselves and their lives unconditionally.”

“When we live from the heart, life provides blessed growth – no matter our aches and pains. That’s the journey I’m on,” she explains. “My desire is to bring greater joy and fulfillment to others through massage services, education and awareness.”

Interconnected Touch gives clients more than a great massage. Using her own love languages of acts of service and physical touch, Ashbee provides massage services, education and awareness, helping others to see that self-care through massage is more than just a luxury.

With a degree in exercise science from Auburn University and an advanced 1150-hour certification from the prestigious Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy, Ashbee knows massage and its benefits well. In her work as a certified neuromuscular therapist (CNMT), she specializes in Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage, but her true passion is helping bring awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection through Energy Therapy sessions.  It is a safe, gentle, supportive method that can be used to release patterns and conditioning of the past and help to empower and bring balance to your life. It is an extremely effective healing modality that brings liberty and tranquility.

“Effective massage leads clients to an experience of greater relaxation, improved range of motion and increased emotional balance,” she says. “For clients, these practical benefits are vital.” The added physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance that is a frequent result of the services offered through Interconnected Touch can greatly enhance the well-being of all who experience Ashbee’s touch.

Interconnected Touch was born from a deep compassion for today’s busy, conditioned schedule and a firsthand experience of the proven benefits of massage. Ashbee currently serves clients in Atlanta and in the north metro region. From her home base in Johns Creek, Georgia, Ashbee travels to homes and neighborhoods across the region to perform therapeutic and wellness massage.

License No. MT009284

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